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The main purpose of the project is to set an example to MVP-VM Presentation Pattern rather than an be save editor. Of course application fulfills the function of an editor.

Model View Presenter - ViewModel
MVP-VM sample WPF, Windows Forms MVP-VM sample

MVP-VM provides all of the power and capability of MVVM while introducing the scalability and extensibility of the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern

Good articles on MVP-VM ;

Baldur's Gate Party Gold Editor

The popularity and success of MVVM overshadows MVPVM even though MVPVM is the evolution of MVVM, also not a lot of articles and code samples about MVP-VM.

MVP-VM pattern can be used both WPF and Windows Forms applications by changing only View.

The only problem I encountered while making this example, Windows Forms applications is incompatible with WPF Commands. I solved this problem by using a WAF.

WPF Application Framework (WAF) provides compatibility of WPF Commands for Windows Forms application with Windows Forms Adapter inclueded in WAF Framework.

For Details ;

I used the Castle Inversion of Control container for Views and Presenters.

Github page of project :

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